👋 Hi! I'm
  • Max
, a former student of Michigan Tech.
I made this tool because Banweb is... well, it gets the job done. But whether you're taking a first pass at figuring out courses or planning out future semesters, using Banweb always feels more painful than necessary (why does it take so many clicks to navigate between course descriptions?).
That's where Michigan Tech Courses comes in. How does
  • ⚡️ instant search
  • 📅 integrated semester planning (with weekly / monthly schedule preview)
  • 📈 pass / fail / drop / class size stats
  • 🧑‍🏫 integrated instructor ratings
  • ↔️ searchable transfer courses (!)

In other words:


Michigan Tech Courses

It currently costs ~$9 / month to host this, so if you found it useful feel free to
  • sponsor me
  • buy me a coffee

🤔 Possible improvements

  • Allow viewing baskets across multiple semesters at once
  • Show the schedule for any classroom on campus
  • Allow sharing a basket as a link (send to your advisor or friends)
  • Allow students to add links / details to courses (like adding an invite link to a Discord server)

While I plan to maintain this site for the foreseeable future, I'm not planning on adding the above features or anything else.

If you know some of the tech I'm using and want to help maintain this and/or implement new features, please reach out!

📝 Notes

All times are in EST and are not adjusted for your current location. If you're in MN and a class section is labeled as starting at 10:00 AM, it would start at 9:00 AM in local time. Generated calendar events are not adjusted either for local time, but because they're based off of UTC will work just fine across timezones (i.e. you can imported a generated calendar in MN before coming up to school and the times will stay consistent).

Some courses have wrong "semesters offered" data. This is an issue with Banweb and not this site.

📮 Contact

Ran into a nasty bug? Or have a cool idea that you'd like to see implemented?If you have a GitHub account, feel free to
  • make an issue
. Otherwise, you can
  • email me directly

❤️ Open source

We're completely
  • open-source
Hopefully some of the above repositories are useful for your own projects.

🧱 Tech stack

I'm currently using:

↔️ API

  • The API
is open and free to use, but please don't abuse it.

📜 Disclaimer

Although every effort is made to keep the information listed here up-to-date, I make no guarantees about the correctness of the information. Please check Banweb for the latest information.That being said, the most critical information here (course and section data) should be at most 10 minutes out of date at any given moment.